Nume proiect: Who are you, Europe?

Perioada: 23.01.2015 – 25.01.2015

Locatie: Dresden, Germania

Costuri: Masa si cazarea sunt asigurate 100%.

Cheltuielile de transport trebuie sa fie incadrate in bugetul proiectului (mai multe informatii in descrierea proiectului).

Asociatia “Un Zambet” Bacau se afla in cautarea unui participant, lider de grup, cu varsta cuprinsa intre 18 si 30 ani, care sa fie prezent atat in perioada 23.01.2015 – 25.01.2015, in cadrul Vizitei de Pregatire in Avans (APV), cat si in perioada 14.03.2015 – 21.03.2015 in cadrul schimbului in Dresden, Germania.


Pentru participare in cadrul activitatilor proiectului trebuie sa aveti disponibilitate financiara pentru achizitionarea biletelor de transport si timp liber in perioadele mentionate mai sus.


Va rugam sa trimiteti CV-ul vostru la adresa de e-mail asociatiaunzambet@yahoo.com.


Termen limita: 07.01.2015


Project description


“From March 14th to March 21st 2015, 25 people aged 18 to 30 years are coming together in Dresden, Germany. During one week, they are developing their own play, from writing the texts to staging, being given advice when needed.


The topic “Who are you, Europe?” invites every single participant to think about his personal understanding of this big word Europe and all its meanings and facets. Asking “Who are you, Europe?” is also asking “What do I want to change on you, of what significance are you for me?” Different personalities from different countries will find different answers to these questions, coming from Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Romania and Slovakia.


Besides a meeting with actors and a guided tour in Dresden, every evening one group of participants will have the opportunity to present their home country to the others. Theatre lives on gestures and facial expressions. What one cannot say in a certain language, one can say in body language and so, in theatre, communication does not stop where one can’t find the words.


In the end, there will not just be a new play, but also new friendships. The cultural exchange through the encounter of youth from five countries helps getting rid of prejudices as well as changing ones perspective from time to time.


Can I apply?

Yes, you can! If you are…


  • 18 – 30 years old


  • currently living in Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Romania or Slovakia



What do I have to pay for?


Accommodation and food are covered 100%.


You will buy the tickets for your journey on your own, but on the last day of the project you will get a reimbursement depending on the length of your travel that should cover most of your travel costs as well.

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