Name of the project: STEP by STEP

1st of August 2014– 1st of August 2015

Bacau, Romania

Un Zambet Bacau Association   has an approved EVS project financed by Youth in Action Program.

Project summary:

The overall objective is to promote non-formal education and volunteering among the young people from the rural areas of the Bacau County during the 12 months of the project.

 Number of volunteers: 3

 Profile of volunteer:

The volunteer should be:

  • enthusiastic and eager to learn more about educational system, non-formal education methods and also to get involved in youth projects; previous experience represents an advantage;
  • open-minded, cultural sensitive and flexible to work in different teams;
  • cooperative, with good communication skills, spirit of initiative, inventiveness and creativity;
  • willing to involve in administrative organizing activities and office work, to learn the way of writing a formal document;
  • should have the capacity of analysis and synthesis, availability for field work, for activities performed in open air;
  • willing to work with young people with fewer opportunities;
  • aged between 18-30 years old;
  • it is recommended to speak English at least at a medium level (in order to facilitate the English language workshops with the young people with fewer opportunities from rural areas), but please keep in mind that it is not mandatory.


We are also encouraging to apply young people who might face different obstacles, such as:

- Social obstacles: young person facing discrimination because of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, orphan, person coming from broken family.

- Economic obstacles: person with a low standard of living, low income, dependence on social welfare system; in long-term unemployment or poverty, homeless, person in debt or with financial problems.

- Cultural differences: descendant from immigrant or refugee family, person belonging to a national or ethnic minority;

- Geographical obstacles: person from remote or rural areas; person living on small islands or

peripheral regions; person from urban problem zones; person from less serviced areas (limited public transport, poor facilities, abandoned villages).



The volunteers will be involved in the following types of activities:

  • coordinating small educational projects in order to support youth in their development process;
  • promoting volunteering among young people from rural areas;
  • organizing workshops and presentations about their countries, leading to cultural exchanges with youngsters from rural areas;
  • facilitate the English language workshops for young people with fewer opportunities from rural areas;
  • cultural activities (workshops, exhibitions, street animation, etc);
  • organizing creative workshops (face painting, origami, quilling, decoupage, etc),
  • self-development workshops (empathy and active listening, non-verbal language, etc),
  • traditional Romanian dances, theater plays;
  • IT activities (creating and updating blogs and sites, designing magazines, leaflets, posters);
  • generate volunteering activities, providing examples of good practice;
  •  they will be actively involved in our activities from the youth center


Eligible countries:

If you are interested, please contact one of the following organizations, as it fits you:

MOLDOVA“MilleniuM” Training and Development Institute

Contact person: Serghei Lisenco


+373 695 26012


PORTUGAL – 2010-PT-28 (accreditation number on evsdatabase) –  ProAtlantico – Associacao Juvenil

Contact person: Chaves Nuno


Tel. No.: 00351214218417


TURKEY – 2011-TR-51 (accreditation number on evsdatabase) –  Antalya Metropolitan Municipality

Contact person: Gizem Kutlu

Email: /

Tel. No.: +90 242 249 5411


Please send your CV and the application form at or ask your Sending Organisation to contact us for you.

The application form can be downloaded HERE .

If you have any additional questions please write to us at


 Hosting organization environment

A SMILE ASSOCIATION BACAU is a training provider and a non-profit organization which aims to the economic, cultural and social development of the RURAL AREAS; organizes actions for supporting, and promoting the sustainable development by supporting continuous education and training; supports local authorities in organizing various important events for the local community youth education.

The vision is to help create a world where education stimulates civic and social responsibility, active citizenship and involvement, social entrepreneurship, personal and social-professional development, quality projects and intercultural dialogue.

Our target group is formed mainly of children and young people with fewer opportunities from rural areas or small isolated communities.

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • The development of formal, non-formal and informal education activities on the following topics: sustainable development, civic education, active citizenship, personal and social-professional development, civic and social responsibility, project management, fund raising, intercultural dialogue and other fields of interest for our mission and vision.
  • Raising awareness on civic and social responsibility, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, entrepreneurship, sources of financing, lobby and advocacy in the above mentioned areas, scientific research in the before mentioned fields.
  • Coaching, counseling and assisting persons and organizations that wish to get involved or to develop projects or programs of civic and social responsibility, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue and projects with financing from structural, European or international funds.

Local Community

The Community where the volunteers will work is located in the NE of Romania. The city of Bacau has a population of over 200,000 inhabitants and is situated 302 km away from the capital Bucharest, on the European route E85. Bacau is mainly an economic center, with many industrial and agricultural businesses, but the area also has a touristic potential (beautiful sites: mountains, hills and river banks; historical ruins, a salt mine, therapeutic mineral springs). The city offers an open, multicultural environment, with many cultural and leisure activities. Many of the villages surrounding Bacau are traditional and religious communities are open to foreigners.

From Bacau begin five national roads and the city has an international airport and intercity trains that connect it to the other large cities in Romania. More information about Bacau City you can find on



The tasks can vary from a volunteer to another (they are flexible), so that the volunteers could come up with new activities to promote international experiences for young people and also give feedback for the projects developed by A Smile Association. The schedule will be between 09:00 – 16:00 (1 hour for lunch), 5 days per week.


Food/ accommodation/ travel

Compensated 100% by the project + 90% of transport.

The living space of the volunteers will be assured in an apartment or house, in the city or in the rural areas nearby. The apartment/house will ensure the necessary comfort for living in good conditions: in rooms of 2/3 persons with shared bathroom and kitchen.

Internet access: at the NGO office. An internet account will be provided at the accommodation of the EVS volunteers.


Monthly Subsidy (pocket money according to the Youth in Action rules): 60 EUR


Why “Step by Step”?

The learning opportunities that the volunteers will experience in their EVS program will be multiple and of different complexities:

  • improvement of their abilities in working in a team with people from a different culture,
  • improvement of their level of tolerance and understanding,
  • learning at least one foreign language, and getting information about another culture,
  • improvement of their knowledge about European opportunities in the field of youth and many more.
  • training sessions (on different topics requested by the volunteers or by the working context),
  • sessions meant to get to know the city (treasure hunt and assisted visits),
  • Romanian lessons,
  • team work sessions (within group activities, benefiting from a dynamic, young and passionate team),
  • independent or assisted coordination of different activities,
  • mentoring and coaching sessions (which will help the volunteers to clarify their objectives and the way in which they could be reached),
  • forming sessions in fundraising and project management,
  • teaching responsibility through leadership.



You can find more information on : EVS DATA BASE 2013-RO-54

Please send your CV and the application form at or ask your Sending Organization to contact us for you.

Download (DOC, 539KB)

If you have any additional questions please write to us at

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