Dare to be Healthy!

Youth Workers’ Training – K1


Un Zambet Bacau Association is planning to apply for the 4thof February 2015 deadline with a Mobility for Youth Workers project on the topic of healthy lifestyle and promoting healthy behaviors among the youth from the EU communities.

Project Summary:

Sedentary lifestyles, addictions, unhealthy nutrition and disease remain one of the most salient problems in today’s Europe. This training course is a learning-by-doing experience that looks towards improvement of the quality of support systems for activities aimed at the empowerment of young people in matters concerning health. Moreover, it will focus on chances and opportunities for intercultural dialogue, opportunities for future transnational cooperation and joint activities.

It will also provide ideas and tools to youth workers and leaders on how physical activities can be used in Erasmus+ projects, provide detailed information about the Erasmus+ Programe, give the opportunity to share insights, experiences and good practices, and promote the idea that physical exercise can help in narrowing down the age gap.


Aim: to empower youth workers willing to develop & organize health-enhancing physical activities with youngsters in their communities and to promote healthy lifestyle and behaviors as a means to foster social inclusion.


The objectives are:

- To provide space and time for youth organizations working on healthy life issues among youth and healthy lifestyles both in Programme Countries and Partner Countries to present their work,

- To exchange examples of good practice,

- To focus on the debate of the state of health in different realities of Europe,

- To share realities about physical exercise and nutrition of youngsters in our communities

- To explore connection between physical (in)activity and health,

- To promote and explore concepts “sports for all” and “healthy lifestyle” in relation with youth work,

- To encourage further promotion of “sport and health-enhancing physical activities” in our communities.


Partner Profile:

  •   Has as volunteers, members, etc. young people that adopted or are interested in adopting and promoting a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating habits and physical activities;
  •   Works with young people with fewer opportunities;
  •   Have the capacity and the openness to disseminate the project in the local community;
  •   Able to make a group of 6 participants that fit the profile below, gender-balanced.


Working language:  English

Period: 09-18.10.2015

Location: Bacau, Romania



  • project managers, youth leaders, youth workers or members of sport organizations, members of informal groups of young people, NGOs and organizations that work with young people with fewer opportunities and that can use healthy behaviors and physical activities as a means for social inclusion;
  • willing to accept a Vegetarian diet during the Training course (Careful, you may like it!)
  • 6 participants from each country;
  • balanced number of girls and boys;
  • medium level of English.



Accommodation, meals and activity costs will be financed 100% through the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Program.

Travel costs will be reimbursed according to the Erasmus+ rules as presented below:

  • Distance between 10 – 99 km: 20 Euros/participant
  • Distance between 100 – 499 km: 80 Euros/participant
  • Distance between 500 – 1999 km: 170 Euros/participant
  • Distance between 2000 – 2999 km: 270 Euros/participant
  • Distance between 3000 – 3999 km: 400 Euros/participant
  • Distance between 4000 – 7999 km: 620 Euros/participant
  • More than 8000 km: 830 Euros/participant


Your input in this project:

- as partners of this project, you will be in charge of conducting 2 sessions during the project. One of the sessions will be about physical exercise – a demonstration of some physical activity or outdoor game; and the other one will be a demonstration of a healthy, vegetarian and simple culinary recipe that you can share with the others. It would be even more exciting if you could find something traditional from your country (I’m sure there would be some examples), but it’s not mandatory. We hope you will find this as interesting as we thought it would be.

How to apply:

- fill the PARTNER ORGANIZATION FORM with the PIC number and all the fields required (please make sure you have uploaded all the necessary documents on the EU portal, the proof of Legal Status and Financial Identification Form!)

- fill the MANDATE of the project if you are interested in being a partner – please fill in where you see the yellow color, sign, stamp, then scan again color and send it to us by e-mail. It MUST BE SIGNED by the LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE

- Send your application and documents to with the subject of the email: Dare to be Healthy – APPLICATION


Dead-line: January 29th 2014.


Contact person:  Alina Gheorghita, +40745315951;


If you are interested in this project please download the following:


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